World Usability Day 2016 Berlin | (Englisch) Humanizing complex climate data: Killer UX for big impact

(Englisch) Humanizing complex climate data: Killer UX for big impact

Often starting as a spreadsheet of seemingly random numbers, data visualizations are interactive stories that can powerfully engage audiences, giving them insight into the meanings and trends behind data. Building an effective visualization begins by asking how data can be transformed into a compelling narrative and a dynamic user-experience.

Through this lecture and discussion, creative agency Radish Lab will share the process we used–in partnership with climate news organization, Climate Central–to crunch temperature data from 1,001 U.S. cities and create an addictive, shockingly simple interactive that engaged more than 2 million users within weeks of launch.

Attendees will learn not only how a visualization with great user-experience can drive impact, rally supporters, and raise awareness, but gain an understanding of how to use data to tell the right story for each of your audiences, personalize your data, and track your impact.

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  • Raum 1

    12.00 – 12.30

    Alana Range
    Radish Lab


Alana Range

Alana is the founder, CEO, and Creative Director at Radish Lab, an interactive agency based in Berlin, Germany and Brooklyn, New York, focused exclusively on social impact projects. An award-winning journalist turned digital media producer, storyteller, and project manager of all things pixelated, Alana’s been in the industry for over 12 years. She’s worked across three continents and is a born-and-raised Canadian, which makes her really nice. Her work has been recognized internationally in publications like Fast Company, the Guardian, CBC, NPR, Discover Magazine, and Mashable.

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