World Usability Day 2016 Berlin | (Englisch) This changes everything: UX for good is good UX

(Englisch) This changes everything: UX for good is good UX

There is a tectonic shift happening. It’s subtle, but you can hear the rumble all around, if you listen closely. More people are realising that society’s current trajectory leads to a dead end. “Growth” as the all-encompassing driver pushing humanity forward has lead us to overuse our planet’s resources by at least 50%. But we are re-examining why we do things, and a new goal is emerging. Sustainability – we give as much as we take, we look for balance. For Usability this changes nothing: we’re still applying the same methodologies and using the same tools. Only now we’re doing it with purpose – and that changes everything. This talk illustrates just such a shift via the journey of Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees. A unique behind-the-scenes look into what purpose can do for a company and the user experience it sets out to create.

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    16.00 – 16.30

    Philip Baumann
    Ecosia GmbH


Philip Baumann

Philip Baumann currently works as Head of Product at Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees. There he applies agile, lean, teal and user centered design thinking methodologies to empower his team to grow, strive, fulfill their calling and have fun. Having studied Political Science and Economics he does believe that together we can envision and create intelligent and intuitive products that empower people wordlwide to live a balanced and sustainable life.

Firma: Ecosia GmbH